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Best of ATS Video Lecture Series Award 2019 gewonnen

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Der Best of Video Lecture Series Award der American Thoracic Society geht an unsere Mitarbeiter

Prof. Dr. Roland Francis
Dr. med. Martin Ruß
Dr. med. Philipp Pickerodt
Tharusan Thevathasan

sowie an M.D. Katarina J. Ruscic (Massachusetts General Hospital)

für den Film "The Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome - The Berlin Definition".

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


Our video lecture is about the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, an acute and potentially life threatening deterioration of pulmonary gas exchange function. The video describes the transition from historic definitions of ARDS to the current definition – the so called “Berlin definition” of ARDS. It exemplifies how ARDS is caused, diagnosed and treated according to current guideline recommendations. The concept of the teaching lecture is the result of a joint team effort, including a professor, ICU attendings, a critical care fellow, medical students and a medical educationlist. The case story in this video is based on an animated patient history, visual mnemonics and whiteboard visualizations, as well as live scenes recorded at the ICU bedside of a simulation patient.

In the “era” of social media, online video-based lectures have become an increasingly used format in medical education, and may assist the “modern millennial learner” with preparing or revising classroom courses. We are convinced that the American Thoracic Society provides a powerful and peer-reviewed online course platform to share free, open-access knowledge in pulmonary and critical care medicine across the world. On behalf of all authors, we thank the ATS for its pioneering role in global barrier-free medical education.



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